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"Time of simplicity and certainty is simply and certainly over."

DOTS ApS was founded in 2021 by Thomas Preetzmann, PhD. Thomas has a long history as an earthbound practitioner, controversial thinker and heartfelt disseminator. 

During the completion of his doctorate degree in philosophy, he gradually realized that the predominantly simplying logics that tend to dominate the field of management, stands in direct contrast to the evolving realities of organizations. 

In acknowledging that reality is not an exact science, he engaged in exploring an open-ended and cross disciplinary approach to businesses and their development. The result is a framework named "Conjunctive Strategizing". 


After testing it in several international organizations, the further elaboration and fine tuning paved the way for the founding of DOTS ApS.

DOTS are dots that signify Develop, Organize, Technologize & Strategize. 

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